Trichomoniasis Cure

Trichomoniasis Cure

Trichomoniasis cure

     Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a parasite, Trichomonas vaginalis, parasite that infects the vagina and urethra in women and urethra in men. Infection is widespread: about one quarter of sexually active people contacted the disease at a time. In principle, this disease is transmitted sexually, although there is the possibility of contamination by other ways: sharing of intimate hygiene items, towels, etc. There is also the possibility of its transmission from mother to child.

Outpatient trichomoniasis cure

     There is not an outpatient trichomoniasis cure, but it may reduce risk factors. Usually the disease is not transmitted through contact with objects, but you should avoid using wet towels, which were used by people potentially infected with this disease. Although it can be uncomfortable, the use of tampons by a woman infected with pelvic is safe. Showers are not recommended because it does not help alleviate symptoms.

     There is no surgery to cure trichomoniasis infection.

Expect vigilance

     It is not recommended the watchful waiting period if pelvic infection. The disease requires treatment to prevent transmission to other partners and to prevent complications that can occur in pregnant women.

Trichomoniasis cure:

     Treatment is difficult to apply simply because the infection is often asymptomatic, and patients seldom understand that effective treatment requires both partners. During the treatment is not recommended to have sex, even if protected. However, if total abstinence is not possible then sex with a condom is recommended, followed by an extremely rigorous local hygiene.

     The treatment of the disease is made by the physician. Basically it will be prescribed oral antibiotics and local treatment in the form of ointment.

Trichomoniasis cures for white secretions:

     Drink daily, hour by hour, a small sip of tea of white nettle. Take with two fingers a small quantity of white nettle and put it in a cup of boiling water, leaving to infuse 10 minutes.

Trichomoniasis cures for yellowish and brown secretions:

     Daily every hour, drink a small sip of tea of Betonica officinalis and small sip of white nettle tea. The tea must be cold. Take with two fingers a small quantity of Betonica officinalis leaves and scalding them in a boiling water cup. Let it cool. You do white nettle tea in another cup using the same recipe. Important: the two teas should not be mixed. Drink one small bite of each and drink more than a cup of tea per day, or hour, sip by sip.

     For trichomoniasis secretions: a good recipe (from U.S.); for two weeks do daily vaginal wash with boiled cool water -1litre (must be warm in use), where you put alternative in one day, a teaspoon of baking soda and in the other day a teaspoon of lemon juice. The washing is done in the evening.

     Morning, after a perfect local hygiene, enter the calendula cream (marigold) in your vagina and gently massage. The cure is very safe and healing is spectacular. After two weeks, suppress the washes, and you can also use the ointment from time to time. It is said that is a good protection against genital cancer.

     Do not use soap for vaginal washes, it weakens the vaginal flora and allows installation of fungus.

Trichomoniasis cure:

     External: wash with10gr of tincture of calendula per liter of boiled water, let it infuse until bearable. The tincture is prepared as follows: 20gr marigold flowers, it macerates for 8 days in 100ml alcohol. Then filter, by squeezing it very good to get out of their essence. Immediately after you have washed another wash with these plants is recommended: Shepherd's Purse 30gr, 30gr white dead nettle, and marigold flowers 40gr, 40gr acacia flowers. Mix the herbs, then boil 1 tablespoon of this mixture with 1 liter of boiled water let it infuse, filter and when it is bearable another wash is made.

     Internal: 30gr Marigold tea, nettle vine 10gr, 20gr horse tail, white dead nettle 30gr, 20gr knotweed, chamomile 15gr, 15gr yarrow, sage 10 grams. Mix well all this plants, then take 1 teaspoon of mixture and boil in a cup of boiling water. Let the infusion, filter and drink 3-4 cups of tea per day sip by sip. 1tbsp = 20gr plant, 1 tablespoon = 40gr plant.

     Convalaria majalis: Convalaria majalistea is good for any kind of vaginal discharge.

     Oak: wash with the decoction of oak bark cure vaginal discharge.